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Pranayama The Silence Of Breathing

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iYogaClub - Active Lifestyle and SpiritualityVisit the most vibrant, dynamic, Yoga website around. Yoga is good for balance, health, weight loss, self-exploration, stress-relief, rejuvenation, fitness and Spiritual Perfection. It is also a lot of read more...

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Mindfulness-based childbirth classes may ease pain, depression

(Reuters Health) - When birthing classes include mindfulness-based education instead of focusing only on the biology of having a baby, women may have an easier time coping with labor pain and a lower risk of postpartum depression, a small experime read more...

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Will a fitness tracker really help you lose weight?

If you gotafitness trackerto keeptabs on your diet and exercise tohelp you lose weight, and were disappointed by the results- you're not alone.A new study suggests the devices

don't improve weight loss for many people.

In fact, over

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Male Yeast Infection Symptoms and Treatment


like any other fungal infection, yeast infections can be acquired

through high sugar diets, antibiotics (which tend to kill off good

bacteria to fight off yeast infections), high alcohol (especially beer)

consum

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Battling Anxiety and Alcohol: How Meditation and Reaching Out to Others Saves Me

For most of my adult life, I calmed my anxiety and worry with a glass of white wine. But when my effort to self-medicate led me off a metaphorical cliff into addiction, I had to find another way.

Almost 63 percent of women who are alcoholic

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‘Voltron’ and 4 Other Franchises That Could Be the Next ‘Power Rangers’

5 Franchises That Could Be Next Power Rangers